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Tillypad XL System

What's New?

Version 9.0


Menu Menu groups Menu types Menu units of measurement Concurrences Sales parameters Menu button formats Menu pictures Menu picture groups Drafts Draft menu Draft menu groups Price schedules Price schedule groups Purchase price


Promotion rounding mode Cumulative payment mode Business days Guest tabs Orders Bills Receipts Promotion recalculation Sales copying Remote guest tab surveillance Deletions from orders with wastage Restricted POS terminal operations Sales rules by promotion categories Tables and devices monitoring Day type settings Sales exclusions Sales copying modes Sales settings Payment settings Promotion categories Day types Sales rules Promotion formulas Promotion types Point types Divisions Sales departments Payment methods Payment method groups Auto-orders POS terminal operating modes Tables Table groups Table types Reasons for restricted POS terminal operations Identified guest tabs by division


Cost price Stock-in records Stock-out records Stock movement records Stock adjustment records Production records Butchering records Development records Stocktaking records Sales records Planned cost records Recalculate stock items Recalculate menu items Update recipes Stock on hand Current on hand Stock movement Stock item turnover Stock out by stock in Stock in by stock out Purchase price Planned cost Errors on closing store period Processing wastage percentages in recipes Recipes containing stock items Cost price calculation queue Store period closure Stock limits Stock items Stock item groups Stock item types Stock item categories Stock item concurrences Stock item units of measurement Stock item unit of measurement groups Stock adjustment record types Stores Store groups