Segment controller update

In this step, the database and the application segment server are updated. This operation appears similar to the segment controller installation, but here, neither installation of a new SQL server nor creation of a new segment database will be available.

Segment database connection parameters

The parameters for connecting to an existing segment database appear in this window. The window displays the Connection parameters panel.

Figure 31. Connection parameters for a segment update

Connection parameters for a segment update

The Connection parameters panel is composed of the following fields:

  • SQL server name is the SQL server on which the segment database is installed.

    In this field, you need yo specify the full name of the SQL server instance.

  • User is the username used for connecting the SQL server administrator.

  • Password is the SQL server administrator's password.

  • Database is the name of the segment database.

Pressing the Next> button opens the select country window (selected upon installation of the segment controller or when it was last updated).

Selecting a country

In this step, you must choose a country in order to determine which packages will be downloaded onto the database during the segment update process.

Figure 32. Select country for segment update

Select country for segment update

Two countries are available for selection: United Kingdom and Russia.

Selecting the Next> button opens the window for selecting installation packages.

Selecting packages for segment database update

In this step you can select packages that will be additionally downloaded onto the segment database. Only packages that have not been previously downloaded to the database are available.

The window displays a tree list of packages. Packages previously installed on the segment database are marked with the icon . Additional packages available for selection are marked with a , and selected additional packages are denoted by a .

Package list context menu:

  • Include (F8) – includes the selected packages in the set to be installed during installation.

    This command is accessible if the additional package has not already been selected for installation.

  • Exclude (F7) excludes the selected updates from those to be installed with the installation.

    This command is accessible if the additional package was previously chosen for installation.

  • Additional functions – menu with the commands to operate the data grid.

Pressing the Finish button initiates the updates of the segment database and application server.