Tillypad Setup


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Table of Contents

Selecting installation program language
Preliminary verification of installation parameters
Selecting operation to be executed by the installation program
Segment controller installation
Device loader installation
Tillypad Manager installation
Additional package installation
Segment controller update

Tillypad installation

The segment is the primary organisational unit of Tillypad . Each segment consists of a database, a segment application server, the client programs Tillypad Manager (back office) and Tillypad POS (front office), a device loader, and usable equipment: fiscal registers, printers etc.


An application server is a program that liaises between the client software and the database. The application server runs queries from client programs and sends them to databases, and vice versa.

Segments are joined into domains to facilitate data replication between the segments. Data replication is also possible between domains.

The Tillypad installation program is able to run several different tasks:


If necessary, the installation process can be carried out by the database management system (DBMS) Microsoft SQL Server.

You should create a separate folder for program installation files. You will need to copy into this folder the data necessary for installation of the segment controller, TillypadSetup.exe and the files it requires, and the utility for editing or restoring the SUPERVISOR user.

Figure 1. Folder with files for program installation

Folder with files for program installation

Use the Segment folder to install the segment controller.


By default, the Tillypad Setup installation program is configured to work with current folders. To make changes to the folder structure, it is necessary to edit the TillypadSetup.ini file.

The operations for installing the segment controllers take place in a step-by-step format within the installation program. Each next step depends on the choice made by the user in the previous step.

Move to the next program step by pressing Next>. Pressing <Back returns you to the previous step. Pressing the Cancel button will stop the program installation.

As Tillypad Setup runs, the TillypadSetup.log log is created in the folder c:\Users\{UserName}\AppData\Roaming\Tillypad\Tillypad Setup.


If Microsoft SQL Server is supplied with Tillypad , the folder accompanying the installation program should contain the data necessary to install this DBMS (Microsoft SQL Server).

Work with the installation program is initiated by selecting a language for use.